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This blog is dedicated to everything concerning my EVS-experience with Szivárvány Törzs (Rainbow Tribe) - be it anecdotes or pictures. All this is and was made possible through support provided by the European Community Erasmus+ Programme.

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My Hosting Organisation here in Hungary is called 'Szivárvány Törzs' - Rainbow Tribe. But what does the Rainbow in it's name actually mean?

A good friend of Sebastian came for two days with a group of his youngsters from Poland to our camp.

Because of an accumulation of bank holidays the weekend here in Hungary was four days long - and a few volunteers from the On-Arrival-Training used this time to go on a trip to Bratislava.

For Ayse and Can, the two turkish volunteers, their year in Hungary is over now. To celebrate that properly we make a two-day goodbye-tour to the western end of the Balaton.

After three months in Hungary I can already look back on quite a lot. Three positive and three negative traits and facts about Hungary and its people.

In Szentendre, a city not far from Budapest, there's a huge open air museum where typical buildings and handcrafts of different areas of Hungary are displayed.

After the training ended a few of the EVSlers still stayed in Budapest to get a better look at the city and meet up with the newly-won friends.

On Saturday the Mongolian Ambassador came to visit the campside, the crowning finish of a very busy week.

The Hungarian kitchen offers a few interesting dishes for the curious tongue - including sweet main courses.