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This blog is dedicated to everything concerning my EVS-experience with Szivárvány Törzs (Rainbow Tribe) - be it anecdotes or pictures. All this is and was made possible through support provided by the European Community Erasmus+ Programme.

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The Horseback Archers have to compete without a saddle until the second student grade. That makes learning to ride without a saddle an important part of the trainings.

On December 27th the new wine of the year is blessed in Hungary - and this blessing celebrated afterwards in good company.

A big part of the European Voluntary Service is getting to know the culture you're staying in. For this it is also important to stay for the big holidays you would usually spend with your family - at least in my eyes.

With the closing of the year and Christmas on the doorstep there are, of course, a few Christmas parties - and with the Horseback Archery people we even celebrate Midwinter.

One of the instructors for handcraft who came to us in the Camp during the summer offered to teach me a little of her knowledge.



The Hungarians have their own traditional Martial Art, consisting of a lot of different single disciplines.